I’m just setting off for Leeds Cathedral to attend the requiem mass of one of the most effective and impressive priests and Christians it has ever been my privilege to know and love.

Father John Abberton was one of the most powerful effective (Diocesan) Exorcists In the church today. It was his witness and friendship that helped draw me back from an eclectic Jungian liberalism I had found or lost my way into.

As one of the wisest heresy hunters, it was he who deepened my confidence that the True Life in God messages were authentically from the Holy Trinity.

More than ever the church needs men of the Holy Spirit was authority from God over the demons who will rescue the church from her bondage to the enemy and enemies of Christ.

His ecumenical love, fierce but piercing judgement and discernment, and blessed dry sense of humour will be more missed than I can express.

Working with and alongside him was one of the great honours of my ministry.