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‘Worshipping the equality-god is a dangerous thing to do….’

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The danger with not choosing a god for yourself, is that other people may choose him for you. Continue reading “‘Worshipping the equality-god is a dangerous thing to do….’”

Gafcon & the Rebel Alliance – April 24th 2017.

(Being photobombed by my Collie creeping illegally upstairs, now she knows my back is tutrned!- )

AU 24.4.17

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Michael Gove sugar-coats Jesus and preaches fake good news

The background to this article begins with a survey by the BBC which claimed that many Christians did not believe in the Resurrection. I responded by writing a letter to the Times suggesting that it was a sine qua non for Christians.

Two days later – Michael Gove penned an article  in praise of the C of E’s liberalism (see bottom of this page for his text.)  – apparently in response to the issue:-

Cranmer has hosted my response:-


One of the first rules for mental health is not to believe in conspiracy theories. So perhaps there is no connection between the letter that the Times published suggesting that a belief in the Resurrection was a prerequisite for calling oneself Christian, and Michael Gove’s subsequent article defending Anglicanism against those who “mock it as insipid”.

But the article nonetheless was unworthy of a clever man, an honourable public servant and a kind Christian.

It contained some poor arguments and poor analysis.

Why does it matter in particular if Michael Gove got things wrong? Continue reading “Michael Gove sugar-coats Jesus and preaches fake good news”

Easter Hope – Homily on the Feast of the Resurrection 2017. (5 min 44)

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Continue reading “Letter to the Times on the Resurrection.”

Resurrection validates Hope

JEP resurrection

“It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand.” John Cleese mutters these lines at the end of a manic episode in the film ‘Clockwise’. It’s a comedy about a headmaster with control issues, in which everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Continue reading “Resurrection validates Hope”

The Times - Letter -resurrection

Daily Telegraph comments

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Palm Sunday – a short homily 2017

Palm sunday slide

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Beware the judgement

JEP March 30 2017

On reflection, it was the raw power of the photograph, and its associations,  that helped to take me in.

This little Chinese old lady was lying prone on a zebra crossing, flat out on the road. Continue reading “Beware the judgement”

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