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Hypocrisy-Freedom of Speech and the worship of St Cecilia. Anglican Unscripted.

Liberalism will tear the Church apart :-

Adventures of an ‘amphibious Christian’- a homily for the 9th Sunday after Trinity.

The Transfiguration – a homily. 

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Sanity or the freedom to become trapped !


I may be a little claustrophobic. I do hate being trapped. It’s not so much small spaces, that alarm me; it’s more tight situations. Anything that takes away my freedom of choice. But then we’re most of us like that. Who wouldn’t be in favour of freedom. Continue reading “Sanity or the freedom to become trapped !”

The faithful push back. Anglican Unscripted. 

Love, Justice & the crisis of Choice. A homily for the 7th Sunday after Trinity.

From the Church Times :-

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