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Anglican Unscripted – Satanic & Masonic fashion in the C of E.

Archbishop Welby- and the theology of cross-dressing amongst 6 year olds.


“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”

Deut 22.5.


It would not take a very developed theological intellect to recognise that we are in the middle of a serious culture war.


Nor would you have to be especially well-informed to note that the culture war involved serious antagonism towards Judaeo-Christian ethics and values.

In the Bible, believers discover they have an insight into the mind of God through the voices of the prophets and the gift of the Law in the books of the first covenant.


A mystery we could not solve for ourselves unfolds. We learn about the mutuality and the interdependence of the two sexes and the invitation to share in  co-creation with the Creator, who is our Father.


We learn that leitmotif of the journey on which the people of Israel  were led was one of ritual, social and ethical purity.  We learn through the presence and teaching of Jesus that it is His intention that this purity deepens and enters the human heart, through the New Covenant. Continue reading “Archbishop Welby- and the theology of cross-dressing amongst 6 year olds.”

The Church of England will die unless we read the Bible…..

As a new survey shows 60% of people in the Church of England “never” read the Bible, Gavin Ashenden says its time for the CofE’s leaders to step up
I’ve just come back from Russia. The last time I was there – 35 years ago – was when I became a Bible smuggler, and got caught by the KGB.
Two KGB majors ran the interrogation. They threatened to have me tried as a bullion smuggler (I’d failed to declare that a gold ring I was wearing was imported bullion). When I was found guilty, the sentence would be 20 years in the labour camp in Siberia, they said. In exchange for not prosecuting, they wanted the names of the contacts I was taking the Bibles to.
I survived the questioning, they didn’t get the names and I lived to tell the tale.
But why did I (and others) smuggle Bibles?
Because the Bible is the bedrock of the Church. It’s very hard indeed to survive as a Christian without meeting Jesus in the Gospels, where his words take on a life of their own and through which the Holy Spirit changes you.
The Russians are scornful of the way some Western Christians are capitulating to secular culture, particularly over the redefinition of marriage. At meetings I attended last week they said “we have lived under the dead weight of atheist secularism, and we know how empty and dangerous it is to human flourishing.” Only the Bible challenges the claims of secularism. Continue reading “The Church of England will die unless we read the Bible…..”

Beware the Oppressive ‘Rainbow Wooden Horse’.



Australia is going to vote on same sex marriage shortly. The island of Jersey has already decided to go ahead with the project, but has just got stuck on a question it hadn’t given any thought to before the vote?

‘Who is the real parent of a surrogate child procured to embellish a same sex marriage’?

The trick of using a wooden horse to capture the city of Troy may have happened 3,000 years ago, but the strategy of using ‘a wooden horse’ to persuade a group of people to accept something that appears friendly but which will instead cause them harm, has been copied ever since. Continue reading “Beware the Oppressive ‘Rainbow Wooden Horse’.”

The ‘unglue-ing’ of Christian ethics; church schools, transgenderism & paedophilia @ Brave New World.

A letter submitted to the Times for publication. 

Hezbolla Islamic terrorist is converted by the Risen Christ in prison. 

Afshin David.
​​part 1.

Part 2

Discriminating Love. A homily for the 12th Sunday after Trinity. 

The Trans Dilemma – Human Dysphoria & the Life of Brian.

JEP- Trans.jpg

As so often, Monty Python got there first. The Life of Brian placed a mirror before us.

In the amphitheatre the hopeless revolutionaries are sitting plotting in a corner. But Stan keeps interrupting:

“Why are you always on about women, Stan?”-

After a long pause Stan mutters, “I want to be one….. I want to be a woman.  From now on I want you all to call me Loretta. Continue reading “The Trans Dilemma – Human Dysphoria & the Life of Brian.”

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