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Anglican ‘Unscripted’ – Islam, censorship & Terror

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What happens when a society loses its capacity to reason? –

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The public square is a charged place. Three contenders are striving against each other. Emotion, reason and fundamentalism are locked in a public struggle for the soul and mind of the body politic.

The emotion is born of fear and anger. Fear of murder, fear of the bombing of little children, fear of public acts of terror.

The anger is aimed at those who did it and those who allowed it to be done.

Reason raises its head and is engaged as people try to think clearly, define, analyse, diagnose and find solutions.

The fundamentalism, however, comes in two forms. The first form is Islam and its uncritical acceptance of the Koran. The second form is the dogma or progressive politics, and the uncritical acceptance of the dogma of pseudo-tolerance and pseudo-inclusion.

When I was a teenager, someone invented a new board game. It had three teams on a square board – psychiatrists, priests and lawyers. They leapt over each other and took each other like draughts or chess pieces. According to the values or rules of this game, the priests could carry off the lawyers; the lawyer triumphed over the psychiatrists and the psychiatrists beat the priests (Freud and Feuerbach would have been delighted at the triumph of their hierarchy of values).

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A sermon -on God the Householder- re-arranging the rooms of his new home- our soul. 6th Sunday of Easter. John 14.15-21

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Mercy has a human face (even in Manchester)

As the stories of human desolation and suffering emerge from the simple statistics of the numbers killed and maimed in the Manchester bombing, a pattern emerges.


Numbers on the one hand – and the heart rending details of the stories that are broken human lives on the other; washed in tears that won’t stop, shed by families like our own; teenage girls like our own daughters, who will never walk again, or for some, never even breathe again. Continue reading “Mercy has a human face (even in Manchester)”

Sermon – 5th Sunday of Easter – “Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life”.

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Anglican Unscripted – Life in all its fullness outside the C of E.

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CHEXIT:- Staying, leaving or consecrating new bishops


The Church Society, through its Director Dr Gatiss, has offered an enthusiastic case for staying in the Church of England as opposed to leaving it. But the choices before us are less binary than that. Some have left already, but for those who stay, the terms on which they stay need to be altered. Continue reading “CHEXIT:- Staying, leaving or consecrating new bishops”

BBC R4 Sunday programme- Jesmond & the prospect of orthodox flying bishops for the C of E.

An interview with David Holloway, Ian Paul and Gavin Ashenden.

Sunday 14th of May 2017.

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