Supporting This Work; An Appeal-

To my dear readers:

– If you are willing to offer a small amount of financial support for this work, it would be enormously helpful…….

Travel costs, website maintenance, computing and internet equipment are all beyond the reach of my pension.

If you feel that is something you are able and willing to do, then please go to the menu at the top of the page ‘Donate via Patreon.’ If patreon is off putting, and would be willing to use electronic transfer to a bank account,- then please email me at, & I will happily and gratefully give you the necessary details.

Alternatively, if you use ‘paypal’- then you can send a donation via this link.

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“Dare to be different! Resist eco-panic and ‘Woke.’”

Eco-injustice has, with the help of Greta Thunberg caught the public imagination and turned into a mass movement. Refuse to panic at your peril. 

 But it is strange how she has captured the imagination of so many people. She has indeed made many people panic.

 In the meantime I’m with Professor Sally Davies, Chief Government Medical Officer. She says Greta has peaked too early with her eco-panic. Prof Sally says that if you really want to help avert an apocalypse, our misuse of antibiotics will kill us long before global warming gets the chance. We should panic about pills and wholesale medical misprescribing. Continue reading ““Dare to be different! Resist eco-panic and ‘Woke.’””

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