Supporting This Work; An Appeal-

To my dear readers:

– If you are willing to offer a small amount of financial support for this work, it would be enormously helpful…….

Travel costs, website maintenance, computing and internet equipment are all beyond the reach of my pension.

If you feel that is something you are able and willing to do, then please go to the menu at the top of the page ‘Donate via Patreon.’ If patreon is off putting, and would be willing to use electronic transfer to a bank account,- then please email me at, & I will happily and gratefully give you the necessary details.

Alternatively, if you use ‘paypal’- then you can send a donation via this link.

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Convert or be converted – the challenge for Anglican cathedrals today.

Norwich staff .png



Three Anglican cathedrals have set out to increase both their appeal to the  public and to get more people into the building.

One has chosen a gin festival, another has built a mini golf course over the flagstones where pilgrims have knelt in prayer since the 7th century, and one has built a helter skelter at the heart of the building. Continue reading “Convert or be converted – the challenge for Anglican cathedrals today.”

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