Why the Draft Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Act 2019 should be rejected.

No social change should be pursued at the cost of our children’s mental and physical health, and the diminution of private and religious conscience.




“A future generation that are going to have grown immune to the problems associated with the sexualisation of children and young people, and therefore normalised it. In my opinion this will result in the greater prevalence of the issues that are linked to this; teen pregnancy, psychological problems, STI’s and low self worth.”

Niketa, 18 (NSPCC Study – see below).


“Girls have a sophisticated ability to criticize and deconstruct ‘sexualised’ images, but – importantly – this sits alongside very painful accounts of how bad such images make them feel, and the kinds of pressures they feel subject to.” Continue reading “Why the Draft Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Act 2019 should be rejected.”

Prophesy Today – An interview with Gavin Ashenden. Part 1.


Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 16.24.03.png

How the West was lost – and what God’s people ought to do about it.

Editorial Introduction: In the first of a two-part interview by Randall Hardy, the former Queen’s Chaplain Gavin Ashenden gives his perspective on the spiritual state of Britain.


Part 1: Counting the Cost

RH: Many people/Christians in the West are confused by the rapid changes which are happening in society. What is your understanding of the times in which we live?

GA: We’ve been used to a period when Christianity has profoundly influenced the world we’ve lived in, but its influence has ebbed and flowed, so we’ve had, if you like, almost eddies of influence. To continue with that metaphor and to use tide instead, the tide of Christian influence is in our day running out fast and the extent to which it’s run out has surprised everybody. Continue reading “Prophesy Today – An interview with Gavin Ashenden. Part 1.”

Supporting This Work…An Appeal-

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Continue reading “Supporting This Work…An Appeal-“

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