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Homily for Advent 2 :- “Celebrating Discrimination and Exclusion to welcome Jesus….”

The curse behind an LGBT prayer.

The ‘Royals’ have been in the news with the excitement over Harry getting engaged to Meghan.,

Surfing the media wave, the Anglican Provost of the Episcopal Church in Glasgow, The Very Rev’d Kelvin Holdsworth re-issued a blog he had written in which he explained that he was praying for Prince George to be gay, and to be ‘blessed’ with the love of a fine young gentleman.

He is campaigning for the C of E to follows the Scottish Episcopal Church to adopt same-sex marriage. His argument was that if George became homosexual, and entered a same-sex marriage, that might convince waverers what a beautiful thing the marriage of two men really was.

Not everyone was convinced that using a child as a gender-political football was in the best taste. Continue reading “The curse behind an LGBT prayer.”

Rod Liddle, the 3rd millenium’s John the Baptist, pours scorn of using prayer for ‘gay magic’.

Advent Sunday-a Homily- “Using Daniel to understand Jesus – who is both here and coming soon.”

The use and abuse of Prince George by gay activists…..







Daily Prayer- 1st December (remembering & reading from Charles de Foucauld) For those who like to pray in company.


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Daily Prayer on the Feast of St Andrew;- for those who like to pray in company.

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Daily Prayer-29.11.17 – For those who like to pray in company.

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Morning Prayer-(podcast) 28.11.17. (For those who like to pray in company)

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