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Royalty, Resignation and Relativism



Nine years ago I as appointed as a Chaplain to the Queen. Last week, as the press has reported,  I resigned.

I had expected to enjoy the honour of the office for another 8 years – until I was 70.

I was sorry to give it up.

I resigned in order to be able to speak out more freely about the struggle that Christianity is facing in our culture.

When in the 1950’s Macmillan was supposedly asked what as Prime minister he most feared, he replied “events dear boy- events”.

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A post from ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ generously commenting on the Koranic reading in Glasgow & the resignation issue:-


“Gavin Ashenden is a man of integrity; a Christian leader of holy devotion and doctrinal conviction. He speaks truth, and does so without compromise on diverse matters for BBC Radio 4, and most recently in a letter to The Times about the Qur’an in the Cathedral saga at St Mary’s, Glasgow. There is right and wrong, good and evil; Christ and Antichrist, prophets and false prophets. Does a chaplain to the Queen not have a moral duty and theological vocation to defend the faith of the Defender of the Faith? Continue reading “A post from ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ generously commenting on the Koranic reading in Glasgow & the resignation issue:-“

A brief recording of the BBC Radio 4 Interview about the Cathedral Koranic recital and my resignation.

Resignation from the Office of Chaplain to the Queen

St agnes.jpg

January 21st . 2017  The Feast of St Agnes – martyr in Rome (304 AD.)


I think it quite likely that on Sunday 22nd of January, BBC Radio 4 will announce on the Sunday programme, that I have resigned my position as a chaplain to the Queen.

In an interview with them recorded for the programme, I said that I didn’t want to discuss the matter on air, because I didn’t want the important discussion about the mistaken syncretism in St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow on the Feast of the Epiphany, to be obscured by events in my life.

But since it is likely to be reported in, in some way or another, I am going to offer some clarification here on my website. Continue reading “Resignation from the Office of Chaplain to the Queen”

Choosing between Jesus and Mohammed.


I need to put the record straight. It’s all too easy for clergy to suffer from pomposity.

I’m often describe as the Queen’s chaplain, whereas in fact there are droves of us; 36 in total. The Royal ecclesiastical household is a busy place. But the mistake, usually a press mistake is good for headlines. “THE Queen’s chaplain has said”..sounds hugely important in a headline, and it is very misleading.img_3143

And it happened again this week. THE Queen’s chaplain condemns reading of the Koran in cathedral. It was ‘a’ chaplain. I am in fact very much in favour of people reading the Koran. There are some beautiful and moving passages about loving God and being generous; and blood curdling ones about punishing and killing people who misbehave. But there is a time and a place. Continue reading “Choosing between Jesus and Mohammed.”

Qur’an in the Eucharist? The Provost of Glasgow Cathedral subverts Christian revelation


(Aleppo Cathedral – open for worship again- Christmas 2016- after being vandalised by the Muslim occupiers.)

I have just returned from Paris where I was invited to be part of a conversation with three imams sponsored by Lebanese TV.

I thought they were kind, impressive and delightful people. It was a privilege to meet them and talk to them. We had many things in common, but most of all a deep attraction to God who made us, whose intentions towards us, we know, are love and mercy.

The strength of the encounter was the friendship and mutual admiration it produced. The weakness was that we did not speak at all about ‘the problem’. Continue reading “Qur’an in the Eucharist? The Provost of Glasgow Cathedral subverts Christian revelation”

Queen’s Chaplain condemns Koran reading in the Cathedral

The Times has turned this into an article on p.6

It should be said that they have mistakenly called me ‘The Queen’s Chaplain’, whereas I am in fact only one of 36.  times-p1

Times p 2.jpg

The Koran in the Cathedral- The Times’ Letters page.


When the Times reported this first, it concentrated on the Provost’ claims that he had become the victim of hate mail on his website.

Apart from the obvious comment that having made such an error of judgment it ought to be of no great surprise to him that he had caused the deepest offence, and that some of the people he had offended were going to find unsophisticated ways of expressing their pain and distress, this was not the heart of the matter.

Continue reading “The Koran in the Cathedral- The Times’ Letters page.”

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