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Daily prayer (podcast) on the 1st of January. For those who want to pause in the presence of God and pray in company. The feast of the naming of Jesus and the circumcision.

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Sung Compline – For those who like to pray in company – with a reading from St Augustine on prayer. 30.12.17

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The oddness of God’s coming. A homily for the 1st Sunday after Christmas.

The Trauma of Trump…..Anglican Unscripted.

‘Just’ Jesus – not just love. Anglican Unscripted.

Morning Prayer Podcast. For those who like to pray in company:- The Feast of St Thomas a Becket. 29.12.17

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Morning Prayer – Podcast-on the Feast of the Holy Innocents; for those who like to pray in company.

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Christmas Eve- Homily: – The birth of Jesus, – the Saviour of Addicts

Christmas is ‘God with us’ rather than the ‘state over us.’

Jep-humanity & Christmas

JEP 19.12.17


I am rather ashamed of myself. Some poor soul, caught in terminal despair, threw themselves in front of a train just north of Euston yesterday. The whole network was closed down. No trains in or out. I was trying to get back home after a family funeral. I couldn’t help but notice how my personal frustration seemed selfishly more important than the despair and death of this person I had never met. I hung my head. Continue reading “Christmas is ‘God with us’ rather than the ‘state over us.’”

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