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Athanasius, Irenaeus, and the Church of England Bus.



I was recently reading an argument about whether or not Irenaeus of Lyon really wrote “The glory of God is a human being fully alive”.


The Latin is Gloria Dei est vivens homo! There was complaint that to add ‘fully alive’ is to buy into the Jungian- New Age paradigm of the idolatry of the developing self.


So sidestepping the threat of heresy for a moment, Irenaeus of Lyon writes that just to be alive, capable of joining the angels in praise, responding to the gift of new life Jesus won for us on the cross is stuff for the glorification of God who fathered us and breathed His life into us.


But to be alive also means staying alert to what is changing around us. Continue reading “Athanasius, Irenaeus, and the Church of England Bus.”

Choosing to drink of the Holy Spirit rather than at the wells of political bitterness.

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A Homily on Mothering Sunday, – Mothers, Jesus, and the care and renewal of the Church

Mothering SUnday

Mothering Sunday – Mothers and Mary the Mother of Jesus & the Church- Press HERE

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An brief Interview with Christian Concern on leaving the C of E.


For the interview – PRESS HERE.

Gavin Christian Concern


On leaving the C of E – a short explanation by the Rev’d Dr Gavin Ashenden.

On Leaving the Church of England. – Press here.

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On leaving the C of E – & lobbying for gay bishops in Wales.

A U MArch

A feisty debate on Interfaith Worship on BBC Radio 4 -‘Beyond Belief’- Gavin Ashenden, Anthea Ballam and Sheik Sayeed

BBC Iplayer – Radio 4 Beyond Belief

Beyond belief Radio 4

Gavin Ashenden Ex Queen’s Chaplain Defending Christianity- with Thor Holt- on the ‘Write With Courage’ show.

Press here for the Interview.

Thor Holt

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