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An brief Interview with Christian Concern on leaving the C of E.


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On leaving the C of E – a short explanation by the Rev’d Dr Gavin Ashenden.

On Leaving the Church of England. – Press here.

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On leaving the C of E – & lobbying for gay bishops in Wales.

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A feisty debate on Interfaith Worship on BBC Radio 4 -‘Beyond Belief’- Gavin Ashenden, Anthea Ballam and Sheik Sayeed

BBC Iplayer – Radio 4 Beyond Belief

Beyond belief Radio 4

Gavin Ashenden Ex Queen’s Chaplain Defending Christianity- with Thor Holt- on the ‘Write With Courage’ show.

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Thor Holt

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Discrimination and discernment: an exercise in relativist supremacy

Ashenden and Percy

In the great amphitheatre of Twitter a gladiatorial combat recently took place between the Blessed Archbishop Cranmer and the eminent Dean of Christ Church, The Very Rev’d Professor Martyn Percy.

More polite than the scratchy enmity that marked the struggle between Newman and Kingsley, and certainly much more condensed and immediate given the restrictions and opportunities of Twitter, it was no less important.

In salvos restricted to the 140 character maximum limit, two powerful and wholly antipathetic cultures clashed head on in the public space.

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Good Disagreement has become ‘Bad Bullying’ in the C of E.


When the house that has been painstakingly constructed on the sand falls flat, there is nothing to rejoice over. Discernment works better when unclouded by the sin of taking and giving offence.

Bishop Philip North’s election to the Diocese of Sheffield was a litmus test. It was a great achievement for the Church of England. It left me in a state of puzzlement asking myself quietly and periodically, ‘perhaps I have been wrong?’

I was half mistaken certainly. I thought it very unlikely that a non-progressive would be elected to a diocese at this stage of the struggle for the biblical and spiritual integrity of the Church of England. His election proved me half-mistaken. The second question I had to ask myself, and I have been asking ever since they were formulated, is ‘were the Five Guiding Principles fact or fiction?’ Continue reading “Good Disagreement has become ‘Bad Bullying’ in the C of E.”

The repudiation of + Philip North and the 5 Fictional principles….

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The repudiation of + North and the 5 Fictional Principles

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