Faith in God and the science of joy © Gavin Ashenden

13.10.16.jep.jpgHaving moved to England, I have retired for a second time. The first time was from being a University lecturer and chaplain, and now after some years in a Jersey parish, I have retired as a vicar.

I am a bit shocked by the empty diary,- but after the shock, I am growing to like it. It opens up new opportunities- especially for writing. Or even for long neglected poetry.

Like the entrancing Thomas Traherne. He is remembered once a year in the collective mind of Anglicanism.  He lived through the English civil war and tragically died of small pox in his late 30’s. His poetry is considered as difficult as it entrancing and stretching. It bubbles over with mystery, joy and ecstasy. Continue reading “Faith in God and the science of joy © Gavin Ashenden”

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