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To my dear readers: – If you are willing to offer a small amount of financial support for this work, it will allow me to meet the costs of travel to meetings, conference and other events – as well as the upkeep of this site, which otherwise would be unaffordable.

If you feel that is something you are able and willing to do, then please go to the menu at the top of the page ‘Donate via Patreon.’ If patreon is off putting, and would be willing to use electronic transfer – then please email me at, & I will happily give you the necessary details.

Patreon will take you to a web page which invites you to contribute. The smallest amount it allows is $1 (one dollar) a month.  There is a button inviting you to become ‘a patron’.


I’m sorry about the wording of the process (you are not required to be ‘a passionate fan’ in the language of the page !)-just willing to support the project of supporting orthodox Christianity in our culture.

You can cancel it at any point of course. I’m sorry  too that the site deals in dollars rather than pounds, but this is a American software and this is the default conversation.

With my grateful thanks,


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